About Us

Who are we?

Teddy Bear Crossings is an educational blog site which was specially created for kids. This blog aims to enhance the knowledge of every child by encouraging them to excel as an individual and providing other ways to make learning fun for them. To make this possible, we will share some useful information, tips, facts, and easy activities which every child can use to boost their cognitive knowledge.

That’s why in this blog site, you can expect lots of educational resources, ideas for art and crafts, imaginative play, creativity, science investigations, early maths ideas and lots of useful information. Aside from it, we will also some educational insights and homeschooling topics which you can use to raise your kid smart, bright, and intelligent.

This is because we believe that knowledge has a big impact on their lives and their success someday. And we all know that “Knowledge is Power” and knowledge is gained through learning. So, keep in touch with us to keep updated on our blogs and find the coolest and the most interesting stuff you can use to teach and improve the knowledge and the logical thinking as well as reasoning of your child.

Teach and educate your child by helping them improve their cognitive mind at an early age. So, just feel free to explore our activities, blogs, tips, fun facts, and other educational resources. Use it wisely and train your child to be a smart a witty child.


Our Goal

Teddy Bear Crossing’s main goal is to help every parent prepare hands-on learning activities and lots of fun things to do for their kids. You can freely select from tons of our fun activities, teaching guides, and programs every day. Utilize them properly to guide your child into proper development and success. After all, we at Teddy Bear Crossings wants to help foster the creativity, critical thinking, exploration, and tinkering of every young child. Homeschool your kid at home in the most exciting and fun ways.


Our Vision

Teddy Bear Crossing’s vision is to be the leading educational resources available online. We are here to share lots of useful material and resources for educating young children. As a matter of fact, Teddy Bear Crossings has lots of valuable learning tools that contain information for teachers, childcare providers, and parents at home who want fun and educational activities for their young children. We will provide useful learning materials for every age which are all fun to use for them.


Our Team

Our team is composed of individuals who want to help parents and teachers find useful and effective homeschooling activities they can utilize when teaching their kids at home and even at school. This is to help every child become smart, creative, and imaginative. Why? Because we believe that learning prepares your child in life as well as boosts their self-esteem and confidence. After all, knowledge will drive your kid into success as he grew up. So, educate and teach your child now using our fun activities.

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